Everita: Providing DBA Services For MySQL

Everita offers a remote and on-site DBA service. We can look after the day-to-day maintenance of your database either by complimenting your existing DBA or managing the whole function.

Our Repertoire

Configuring MySQL on Linux

Setting up MySQL on your server(s) and configuring it appropriately: we'll create a tuned my.cnf specifically for your application taking account of database and index size, thread concurrency and connection count amongst others things.

Server Monitoring

Ensuring your server is operating within defined parameters: this includes checking the number of connections to your server, monitoring its overall health, maintaing log files and checking replication.

Backup and Restoration

We'll manage — and if necessary implement — your backup policy and ensure that your restoration mechanism works and can be relied upon. This might include replicating your database to enable you to take hot-backups without stalling the database for example.

User Account Management

We can audit and maintain the privileges that are granted on your server and database and implement resource limits for certain accounts should you require it.


MySQL needs to be secured from both a network and filesystem perspective. We can provide a cursory audit of your security and ensure you've taken at least basic steps to secure MySQL.

Upgrading MySQL

We can guide your through upgrading your MySQL server. Usually this involves testing your application against the newer version with an express view to mitigating against the effects of any changes that have been newly implemented.

Optimizing Queries, Databases And Servers

While we do offer a specific performance tuning service it would be remiss of a DBA to not point out any obvious optimizations that could be made to either your queries, your database or your server. We understand MySQL and the nature of what it's good at and, what's more, how to get the best from it.

Scaling MySQL: Replication & Sharding

Replication is a fantastic way for you to take hot-backups without affecting the performance of your master server. Not only that but it can enable you, up to a point, to scale the number of reads that your database can handle. In order to scale your writes you may need to consider sharding or partioning your data.

On Site Visits

While most of what we do can be done remotely — usually via SSH — we're happy to visit your site: no matter where you are in the UK. Sometimes it's preferable to work face-to-face.

So, How Much Will This Cost?

Our prices are dependent on the complexity of the task, which experts on our team are required, and your schedule. Happy to charge on an hourly basis, flexible on terms, we'll be able to tailor something to suit your individual needs.

Having MySQL performance issues?

We're experts at tuning MySQL and offer a MySQL performance consulting service.

LAMP stack not performing as you'd hoped?

Everita is experienced at getting the most out of your Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl, PHP or Python setup. We're Drupal Experts.

Client Testimonials

Steve was knowledgeable and diligent in helping us identify application characteristics which were impacting MySQL's efficiency.

I would recommend him to anyone needing help optimising MySQL server and look forward to working with him in the future.

Richard Ainley
Performance Tester
WorkPlace Systems PLC

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